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About Us

Who we are?
Prans was found by 5 friends during a lecture while pursuing their MBA. The name of the company was the initial of those 5 friends who help to build this company. Prans is a company that envisions helping everyone in their particular field. We believe that everyone has a talent and Prans will help them get their fair share of recognition to motivate them through their journey


What do we do?
We help every people or company by giving them their fair share of recognition.  Helping in every way, Traditionally which is weddings, live events, corporate events, and many more. Digitally we also help them to grow and make them aware of the digital world. 


What to expect?
We as an event planner, we are gonna give our best services to you or your organization with premium quality of content for your digital form.


Our Vision.
Our vision is to be a long-term leading company in our industry with the best knowledge, skills, and experience by ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Our mission.
Our mission is to be the first choice of the customer or any organization for organizing events. Giving them the best quality and providing them with some innovative and collaborative ideas. Last but not list our mission is to make our vision into reality by being honest trustworthy.

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