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Virtual Garba 2021

Virtual Garba 2021

Prans is an event who believes that everyone has a talent, it just needs some recognition to make them motivated throughout the journey and Prans Events helps them to what they deserve, with that we all also help all various kind of events like a virtual event, fashion show,  fashion shoot, wedding, and many more.


Understanding the problems

We all know how we celebrate Navratri every year, and this year, we wish to celebrate with even more zeal and enthusiasm.


We can't move out and celebrate this year like we were celebrating because of the pandemic. We want to be safe for you, our friends, and our family.


Virtual Garba is an ideal solution to this problem because it allows us to celebrate Navratri while following the rules without disturbing anyone.

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Target audience

An audience includes children from all age groups and people of all nationalities who love dancing and don't want to give up on their favourite activity.

Event objective

So our goal is to make sure that this Navratri feels unique, which we'll do by making sure you feel like you're participating in something unique, rather than just another celebration.

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Event Process


Every Participant has to register themselves on our website.

Judges Review

We'll post the video on our Instagram Page and send to the judges


The participants have to create a video of 1-2 min and send it to us via mail.


On judges review, we will declare the results


Coming Soon...

Result Declaration

Event Timeline




Coming Soon...


Registration for the virtual Garba 2020 on Prans Events website will start. 

Coming Soon...

Live Telecast

Live telecast on the website will start from 17th October to 25th October. 

We'll declare the result of the winner on the Prans Events website after the live telecast

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Girl and Cat
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Video Publishing

Coming Soon...

Participant's videos will be posted on Virtual Garba 2020 social media platform.


Registration For

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